"I went home and cried. I haven't been pain free like this in forever." 

"Within 3 days of my first treatment the pain was GONE and I felt "normal" again. Acupuncture offers me more deep relaxation and meditation than any other self care treatment in my rotation. Tina is truly gifted and has a passion for her work. I highly recommend Tina and Luna Healing Arts!"

"Tina is compassionate, caring and competent. I always feel like she takes the time to listen to me and each session is tailored to my needs."

"I have been noticeably more productive, present, and less nervous all around and I cannot stress enough how valuable your treatment has been to my physical and mental health!"

"After my first session was completed, I left with a big smile on my face. My back felt looser and was almost pain free. I had conquered my fear of needles. I literally called everyone I knew to tell them to go get acupuncture immediately."

"While menopause is a constant flux of changes, acupuncture is helping me go through it more smoothly."

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