When I began working with Tina, I'd just moved to CT from Cape Cod where I'd worked successfully with another acupuncturist to relieve chronic UTIs. I wanted to keep those at bay and also address the beginning symptoms associated with perimenopause/menopause. Because I'd developed such a confidence in acupuncture, I wanted to keep it a part of my self-care routine and target the hormonal fluctuations of my age.

The hormonal changes were beginning to present as increased anxiety and an unsettled nervousness or "revved" feeling in my body--especially at period time. I find after a session I feel much more grounded and can feel the "revved" feeling has come down greatly. In addition, you worked my sinuses and I could feel them drain during the session and all weekend. While menopause is a constant flux of changes, I do think acupuncture is helping me go through it more smoothly. I look forward to my sessions to keep my body and meridians "open."

The sessions are very relaxing. You have a calming personality with a gentle, nonjudgemental demeanor. I feel your compassion is genuine. Your sessions have a loving feel. And I like that you answer questions about acupuncture clearly and openly.

I definitely would recommend you to others! I have been to several acupuncturists and find your style of practice personal and caring, yet very competently done with positive benefits!

-Michelle B. (age 49, Reflexologist)

I initially was referred to Tina for acupuncture for arthritis in my upper back and hip. I'd been struggling with migraines my entire life with no real relief. At the time I started acupuncture, I was experiencing 22 migraines per month and my neurologist stated my only option left would be Botox injections into my face and neck which would stay in my system for 3 months. They could only commit to maybe a reduction to 2-3 migraines per month and there was potential for negative side-effects in my sensitive system. At the time, I couldn't fathom the positive impact acupuncture would have on my entire being, and now I can honestly say after a little over a year, my migraines have reduced significantly to 3 migraines per month (WITHOUT the need for Botox). My quality of life has improved TEN FOLD. I only wish I knew about this years ago.

After my sessions, my pain and discomfort throughout my body significantly decreased. I felt more relaxed, less anxious, balanced and grounded within myself. It's also helped me train my mind for meditation, which has allowed me to feel energized and balanced easily and frequently.

I won't lie, sometimes there is mild discomfort with the needles, but to me, that my is an indicator of a block in energy flow. More often than not, the needles are pain free and I don't even know they're in. After treatment, I ALWAYS feel better, balanced and relaxed regardless of any temporary discomfort.

Tina dives deep with each client. She asked a lot of questions, some I thought were irrelevant, but she was able to identify some digestion issues unknown to me at the time. She mixed some Chinese herbs specific to my ailments that released some digestive blockages. Honestly, they didn't taste great, but I believe they helped tremendously. I went from a sluggish system to a well-oiled machine, and the positive results cascaded through my entire being.

Tina radiates pure joy, love, and a passion for life and healing. I always sense the incredible beauty emanating from her smile, and the beaming shine of knowingness in her eyes. Her words are full of wisdom and insight, a gift to all who know her. I always feel safe and at ease working with her. For a little over a year, I have had the honor of sharing a friendship as well as being a recipient of her amazing healing.

I would absolutely recommend working with Tina. She is a breath of fresh air; her positive energy is contagious. She gets deeply invested in her clients' wellbeing. She is a gifted healer. She is so in sync with not only where I am but where I need to be. I had no idea how profound the change in me would be. Over a year has passed and my life continues to shift for the better! I am hopeful, balanced, grounded, joyous, and most of all almost pain free. Of course, it hasn't always been smooth sailing; change never is as our bodies and life experiences ebb and flow. But Tina continues to listen, tune in, and help me move through the rough patches so my body is in alignment with my higher self.

Acupuncture is a process, not an event. It takes time, but the results are worth it. I feel truly blessed to have Tina at the helm of my holistic healthcare.

- Heather S. (age 40, Manager in Healthcare)

I came to see you upon suggestion of a therapist.  I had only thought about acupuncture for physical ailments.  I have always suffered from depression and anxiety, and 20 years ago when my first child born the anxiety really kicked in.  Over the years I managed with meds, or I kind of just dealt with it.  Both of my children have had some health issues causing me to be extremely nervous, so when told to try acupuncture for this, I was caught off guard, but I was pretty much willing to try anything!

I did not realize how many physical symptoms being nervous had caused me, clenched, jaw, shoulder pain, headaches, etc.  As each session went on I would notice physical things were not bothering me anymore because I was able to relax so much more, my sleep got better, which helped my days get better, helping me think clearer.
My experience with you as a practitioner has been amazing.  Very informative and knowledgeable, comfortable setting, I felt totally at ease and was never reluctant regarding treatment.
I would definitely recommend your services to others.  I have been noticeably more productive, present, and less nervous all around and I cannot stress enough how valuable your treatment has been to my physical and mental health!
- Tina F. (age 44, Real Estate Agent)

I have had lower back pain for as long as I can remember. That might be a common thing to hear, but not from a 21 year-old athlete. My back pain consisted of consistent dull throbbing pain evenly across my lower back, and when I would do crossfit or lift heavy, which I continued to do despite my discomfort, I would have difficulty sleeping, walking, and standing or sitting for more then 20 minutes at a time. I was unbelievably frustrated because I was so young and in so much pain for no good reason; there wasn’t necessarily an incident that started it. I finally got an MRI and was diagnosed with lumbar disk degeneration -- there is no cure for this, only treatments that might help. So I began physical therapy and after two months of no results, I switched to chiropractic care. I would feel better for about an hour after each session, and then the pain would come right back. I heard from a family friend that acupuncture changed her life, and I finally built up the courage to give it a go. Keep in mind, I am terrified of needles so this was a big step for me.

At my first visit, Tina was incredible. She explained how acupuncture works, the kind of sensations I would feel, and that the needles are much smaller and thinner than any needle I have encountered before. I was surprised at how little I could feel the actual needle going in and how my body reacted to the treatment. It felt like giant pockets of pressure were being released. After my first session was completed, I left with a big smile on my face. My back felt looser and was almost pain free. I had conquered my fear of needles. I literally called everyone I knew to tell them to go get acupuncture immediately. At the beginning of my treatment, I went once a week, and slowly the effects of the treatment lasted longer and longer. It went from one hour pain free, to three, to seven, to a whole day, etc. Now, I go every two or three weeks and can confidently say that my back pain doesn’t define who I am anymore. Yes, I’ll still have a bad day here and there, but I can workout six days a week and lift decently heavy with proper form and not have my back flare up at all.

Being someone as scared of needles as I was, I’m so happy that my first acupuncturist was Tina. I trust her 100% and always have a great time chatting with her. She always asks what’s new both in my life and with my body. If I feel a cold coming on, she will alter her treatment to help that. If my lungs hurt, if I’m sore from a workout, if my neck is stiff, I can leave my appointment with those problems treated along with my back. I am so very thankful for all Tina has done for me and would recommend her to anyone who is questioning if acupuncture is for them. It absolutely is and Tina is the acupuncturist to make you absolutely fall in love with it.

- Dana C. (age 21, College Senior)

I was recommended by a friend to see Tina to improve my low energy, reduced ability to concentrate, and symptoms of anxiety.  This was greatly reducing my quality of life.
Tina's treatments helped increase my energy level while calming my nervous system.  It made a huge improvement.
Tina is always extremely professional and truly cares about her patients.  Her kindness and compassion along with her acupuncture skills and herbal expertise make her a wonderful resource and provider of medical relief free of pharmaceuticals.
I would absolutely recommend Tina to others.  My experience is that treatment from her is both safe and effective.  I feel fortunate to have received treatment from Tina.
- Julie C. (age 50, Service Representative)
[An email after first treatment] Hi Tina! I know I will want to continue this. Today was the first day in over 2 years time that I was able to go for a run when I got home from work at 6:30 due to less bloating and less pain. Usually the only time I can workout like that is first thing in the morning before I eat. I'm kinda dumbfounded and very grateful for yesterday.
- Anna G. (age 35, Licensed Social Worker)