Luna Healing Arts: A Natural Women’s Health Clinic

I’m thrilled to announce the rebrand of my business and acupuncture clinic for natural women’s health. I’m also thrilled to officially announce my name change, from Tina Grinold to Tina Nicastro.

From Tina Grinold Acupuncture and Wellness, to The Luna Way, and now to Luna Healing Arts, LLC, we’ve been through a few evolutions of our brand (and personal) identity and feel like we’ve finally arrived home.

It’s as though we were destined to land here, personally and professionally, but–as with most things in life–we needed to live and learn through some things first.

Personal Evolutions

In 2014, I experienced many births. The birth of my life as a married woman in a long-term, committed partnership. The birth of my role as “bonus-mom” and co-parent with my husband and my bonus kids’ mom. The birth of my acupuncture career and journey as an entrepreneur. The birth of my first son and myself as Mother.

Needless to say, 2014 marked the beginning of major personal change in my world. Since then, I’ve been unlearning old ways of being that don’t serve or fit anymore, and learning what it looks and feels like to inhabit all these new roles while honoring the woman I am in my core.

As part of my most recent personal evolution, I’ve changed my last name to Nicastro. It took me nearly five years in my marriage to decide I could let go of my maiden name, Grinold, the one that had taken me through 36 years of life.

Five years in and I’m realizing this evolution in identity and experience will likely be ongoing.


I’m also realizing that’s a beautiful thing.

Professional Evolutions

One of my superpowers is big picture dreaming and visioning. What often comes with that is GETTING AHEAD OF MYSELF.

Almost two years ago, I created a brand umbrella THE LUNA WAY. The concept, the imagery, the look and feel of it all meant to encompass a bigger business vision INCLUDING my acupuncture practice AND group courses, retreats, and coaching.

The problem with that–and 100% why I never did a big launch of the brand–I wasn’t ready for all of those other pieces. I was (and still am) building a family life and an acupuncture clinic.

Luna Healing Arts Clinic

Enter LUNA HEALING ARTS: first and foremost, a natural woman’s health clinic. A safe and nurturing place women (and men) can come to heal, rejuvenate, and move towards their health, wellness and life goals. A place WITHIN WHICH The Luna Way is a mindset, a philosophy, an approach.

The Luna Way is learning to heal and transform your body and life by following your inner wisdom, your natural cycles, and creating your own fertile ground for self-healing, growth and evolution.

The Luna Way is how we help women develop an empowered relationship with themselves, what they need, and who they really desire to be in their lives—body, mind and spirit.

The Luna Way honors all that is natural feminine wellness and experience. It’s the way in which I try–imperfectly but consistently–to lead my life, to heal my wounds, to enhance my own experiences. And it’s the way I try to work with patients every day.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our philosophy, our team, and our specialties

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