Life Finds A Way

Despite the challenges, the grave inequities, and the personal and collective tragedies that’ve reared their ugly heads for all to grapple with through the course of this pandemic . . .

. . . SO TOO has LIFE and healing and growth persevered.

In my little corner of the world, where I meet people in the acupuncture clinic and endeavor to help their bodies, minds, and spirits rest a little easier – LOTS of LIFE has continued to find a way.

One woman came to me in early 2020, having gotten pregnant but miscarrying multiple times in her first trimester. We worked together for 2 months before she got pregnant. And she’s now a new mama to a healthy baby boy.

Another woman came to me nearing 40, having recently had 17 fibroids surgically removed before going through multiple failed IVF cycles. Her doctors were telling her she’d never have a baby without an egg donor. We worked together for 4 months before her IVF retrieval and transfer were successful. Now, she’s weeks away from her delivery date for her TWINS. Her doctor is calling her one of his top 10 miracle stories of his career.

Another came to me in her early 30s, highly stressed out from work, life, the pandemic, and deeply desiring to get pregnant and start her family. The ovulation tracking and pressure to have sex during the fertile window, however, was causing even MORE stress in her relationship. I suggested she STOP tracking and focus more on connecting with her husband. They were pregnant the next month.

There are countless stories like this.

I’m humbled and inspired by stories like this.

All I’m doing with these women – and any patient I work with – is assist them to ALIGN more significantly with their NATURAL rhythms.

I help them remove the biggest obstructions to their fertility and wellbeing. Then we add in SIMPLE yet POWERFUL health and fertility enhancers.

Nature finds a way.

IT knows what it’s doing.

We’re just giving it a little nudge.

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